Monday, April 4, 2011

Bell Hell Part Deux - Could I Finally be done??

Hallelujah - I am probably jinxing myself, but I think the great Bell Debacle of 2011 is finally resolved. On Friday morning I was put on a plan for $55 (+$10 for sharing) a month with 200 daytime minutes, 1GB of data, unlimited nights & weekends and unlimted texting. They offered me free call display and voicemail as well as 10% off until the remainder of my contract for my trouble. I was told it was done and told to go to Future Shop to get the SIM card loaded, only to be told after Future Shop was on the phone with Bell for 1.5+ hours that they couldn't do anything. I finally got the 3G up and running on the iPad Friday night after another 2 hour call when I got home. I just spoke to Jose @ Executive Customer Relations who called regarding the letter I sent late Thursday night (see "Bell Hell"). I caught him up on what had occurred since and told him 10% just was not enough. Originally on Friday I have been offered 50% off the $55 plan but I turned it down as part of that offer was a higher $60 data plan. I told Jose I wanted the 50% off of my current set up. He said he could not do that, but he could offer me 50% for 6 months + 200 Long Distance Minutes a month until the end of my contract. I took the deal and told him how I was totally flabbergasted by the lack of competence demonstrated by the 15+ people I had dealt with since Wednesday and that only 1 person amongst that group gave me accurate infromation and was able to assist me. If you talk to Manoch in the iPad department, say Hi!! Unless Bell does a whole lot of changing in the next year, I really cannot see me staying with them once my contract expires - but only time will tell!!!