Sunday, September 20, 2009

Goodbye Snicks!!! (originally posted 12/29/2009)

Well, the time we have dreaded has finally arrived.

We have known for about a year now that Ethan is allergic to cats. The allergist told us that it was no problem keeping my beloved Snickers as long as we kept E's bedroom door closed and made sure we were uber-diligent with cleaning.

Well, when Paul took Ethan for his yearly Dr visit, I guess the good Dr was pretty adamant that we get rid of Snicks.

I absolutely refused to send her to the Animal Rescue League (akin the the SPCA), which Paul completely understood as we all know what happens to most adult cats who end up in a shelter. I also did not want to put out a classified Ad to find her a new home. I did not want to give her away to just anyone!!

We have been putting the word out there for several months to everyone we know that we were looking for a nice home for Trix. Well, my entire family was over for Boxing day dinner (and when I say entire I mean like 40 people or so...). My lovely cousin Ally convinced her Mom & Dad to let her have T-Bag!

Ally stopped by last night with her Mom to pick up my kitty. While I am VERY happy she will be with Ally and we can visit whenever we want, it was a bittersweet goodbye as I will miss the fat little furball.

Ethan, the poor dear, sat on the stairs with a sad little face and big wet tears when it was bedtime... he said he couldn't sleep without Snicks meowing once in awhile. (I did not remind him that she never meowed at night... :)

On a lighter note, I am quite pleased I no longer have to clean stinky cat litter!!

Ally also sent me a message this morning that all is well with Fatty at her new home - she cuddled with Ally most of the night!!

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