Sunday, September 20, 2009

When Bodies, Go-Karts, and Steel Beams Collide... (originally posted 08/25/2008)

It comes as no shock to anyone that knows me that I am not exactly the most coordinated person on the face of the earth, far from it in fact!

On Thursday night, I was invited to go Go-Karting after work with the rest of the CFSs and trainers. Well, I was in the first group out and we started zipping around the course. The place is not exactly the nicest, the cars were kind of sketchy, and it was in the middle of nowhere. We did have a great time however, until the inevitable happened.... I had a Jessica moment.

While I was zipping around the track in my little car with the gas pedal that stuck and the brakes that didn't work when low and behold, poor Lara crashed into

the tires ahead of me and got stuck. I did not have time to go around her, and I did not want to hit her nor the poor guy that was helping her, so I chose to go for the tires. Unfortunately for me, I did not see the steel beam that the tire was around...

Needless to say I hit the steel beam head on, protected only by a very thin tire. I was going just about as fast as you could go on a go-kart. Seeing as you cannot wear seat belts on a Go-Kart, my butt slid forward in the seat and slammed, and I mean SLAMMED, against the steering column of the car.

Next day I had a lovely bruise by the afternoon. It seems to get worse as the days go by... enjoy the pics, they are nasty!!

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